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Release Notes for Update Center 2.1

This document provides release information for the 2.1 release of Update Center, which has the build identifier B18-RC3.

Platform Requirements

Supported Platforms

Operating SystemArchitecturePlatform Notes
Windows XP,
Windows Vista,
Windows 2003 Server
x86 (32- and 64-bit)
MacOS X 10.4 and later PPC,
Native components of the toolkit are Mac OS X universal binaries.
Solaris 10 SPARC,
Solaris 10 8/07 (Update 4) or greater is recommended. The toolkit does not require extra patches on these versions.

On Solaris 10 3/05 through Solaris 10 11/06 (Update 3), first install these patches (or later versions of the same patches):
SPARC platform: 119963-08, 125211-01
x86 platform: 119964-08, 125212-01

Solaris 9 8/03 (Update 4) and later (CLI only) SPARC,
Only the use of pkg(5) CLI is supported on Solaris 9. Update Tool GUI and Desktop Notifier are not yet supported due to Gnome issue 310.

first install these patches (or later versions of the same patches):
SPARC platform: 112963-32, 111711-16, 111712-16.
x86 platform: 113986-26, 111713-13.

OpenSolaris 2008.11 and later x86
Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4 x86 (32- and 64-bit) On 64-bit x86, first install these 32-bit compatibility rpms:
  • compat-libgcc
  • compat-gcc-32
  • compat-gcc-32-c++
  • compat-glibc
  • compat-libstdc++
Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 x86 (32- and 64-bit) On 64-bit x86, first install these 32-bit compatibility rpms:
  • compat-libstd++
  • compat-libgcc
Ubuntu 7.10 x86 (32- and 64-bit) On 64-bit x86, first install the ia32-libs package from the Ubuntu package repository.
Ubuntu 8.x x86 (32- and 64-bit) On 64-bit x86, first install the ia32-libs and lib32nss-mdns packages from the Ubuntu package repository.

Platforms Not Formally or Fully Tested

The following platforms have been tried successfully, but are not formally or fully tested. If you try one of them, please let us know how it goes.

Operating SystemArchitecturePlatform Notes
Windows 2008 Server x86
openSUSE 11.0 32-bit x86 The 32-bit installation seems to work fine. The 64-bit installation is likely to work after 32-bit compatibiliy library are installed.

Initial testing of the updatetool GUI and the desktop notifier has been done on Gnome. The updatetool GUI has also been used on KDE, but the desktop notifier does not work on KDE, as noted in Issue 590.

Packages in This Release

The following table shows the packages that make up Update Center 2.1.

Package Name Package Version in 2.1 Description
pkg 1.0.8-18.1681 pkg(5) tools
pkg-extra-tools 0.1.0-18.1681 Extra tools for building packages and assembling distributions.
pkg-java 1.0.8-18.1681 Java API for pkg(5) plus bootstraper
pkg-toolkit 2.1.0-18.1681 Meta-package. Installing this will install all other packages.
python2.4-minimal Minimized python runtime need to support pkg and updatetool. Note that on Mac OS X the version is 2.4.5.
updatetool 2.1.0-18.1681 GUI tools
wxpython2.8-minimal 2.8.8-18.1681 WX Python runtime needed to support updatetool.

Note that all the packages in this release have the same value, 18.1681, for the "branch" portion of their package versions. You can use this branch value to identify an Update Center package as a member of the 2.1 release.

pkg(5) Version in This Release

The version of pkg(5) in Update Center 2.1 is based on the version in build 101 of OpenSolaris, with the addition of features and bugs fixes unique to Update Center.

New Features and Enhancements in This Release

Changes to the Repository Server from 2.0 to 2.1

New HTML front page requires change to cfg_cache

Update Center 2.1 includes a new HTML front page for the repository server. Due to this change, a modification to the configuration of an existing repository is required. Within the repository data area, there is a cfg_cache file. The icon and logo paths for the repository feed have changed from this:

logo = pkg-block-logo.png
icon = pkg-block-icon.png

to this:

logo = web/_themes/pkg-block-logo.png
icon = web/_themes/pkg-block-icon.png

Also, the description value is shown in the about page, so this should be filled in. This is in python configparser format, so values should be formatted in the style of RFC822. For example, if you have a multi-line description for your repository, you could format it this way in cfg_cache:

description = This is an OpenSolaris package repository.  Note that
  usage of this repository is subject to the policies found <a

Note the leading whitespace above, for continuation lines, is important as that is what tells configparser that it is part of the previous line.

RSS feed support requires change to repository startup after running copypkgs

Update Center 2.1 includes RSS feed capabilities for repositories. Due to this change, the way you start a repository after using copypkgs has changed. Previously, you entered the command:

pkg.depotd --rebuild --readonly

Now, you must use --rebuild and --readonly separately, as in:

  1. Enter the command pkg.depotd --rebuild
  2. Stop the repository server.
  3. Enter the command pkg.depotd --readonly

Option added to specify reverse proxy URL

The pkg.depotd now supports a new option, --proxy-base. Use this option to specify the URL of the reverse proxy when running the repository behind a reverse proxy. For example:

pkg.depotd ... --proxy-base=http://pkg.sun.com/layered-collection/dev

Full List of Features and Enhancements

The following table shows the full list of features and enhancements in this release as compared to the 2.1 Production Quality release (build B15-RC4).

Issue IDDescription
54enhanced usage reporting (beyond UUID-based repo data)
84package transaction history logs
94GUI prefs to add/remove the notifier as a startup task and shut it down
111Option to check for updates upon startup
145Some needed enhancements when a GUI instance is already present
163Image Properties: support adding https URL and cert/key (entitled access to repositories)
172Support transportable archive of an update and install without network access
215Bootstrap wrapper scripts should support a non-interactive mode
231New Tab: File Details
234document how to use Apache front end to repos
236Define how change history can be conveyed by a package author
258seperate repository url from image creation
277New Tab: Dependencies
291deliver client side doc and tooling to leverage uc2 toolkit
318entitled access to repositories
321RSS/Atom feeds for IPS repositories (phase 1)
322identify security-related updates
323highlight security-related updates
324highlight security-related updates
325usage reporting: add intent to repo requests
338entitled access to repositories
340warn user when removing package that other components depend on
360client apps conveying identifier and making available in IPS logs
383enablement/disablement of authorities without removal
410move list buttons to toolbar items
433reconcile javadb package
434correct GF V3 package metadata
435republish opends packages with build.svn number
447reformat Description and Image Details tab content
482Multi-repo: Edit Image Properties... button on Image Details page
483Multi-repo: Add "Preferred" column w/radio buttons
484Multi-repo: Add Enabled column
492set UUID in newly created images and newly added authorities
494pkg-toolkit*.zip downloads on updates.sfbay: point them to updates.sfbay repo
553begin using multi-platform URLs in toolkit example
577notifier should be enhanced to utilize utils.logger.
596Notifier Fails to update if the image closed from Updatetool
602Show Warning Dialog for Cancellation of Download
617make update size represent data to be downloaded
678make updatetool use search to get package metadata
685move dependencies from maven2 repo to source code repository
706Use pkg-toolkit in UpdateTool build.
738include build number, version and release qualifier in toolkit zip file names
740eliminate gfv2 example - present pkg-toolkit.zip as the example
742Use pkg(5) in pkg.summary
743add bin/pkg scripts to pkg-toolkit.zip
751Reintegrate pkg(5) gate (October 2008)
752make copypkgs able to copy individual versions
757Documentation for pkg-toolkit
776right-click menu for application image nodes
777Start up progress bar
786support username/pw proxy authentication in pkg-java
793pkg-java: support https with ssl_key/ssl_cert (entitled access)
794GUI preferences: add support for https proxy
796pkg-java: support https proxies
798Use UPX on OpenSSL executables for Windows
799set client name
800set client name for activity reporting and logging
801make intent header work with GUI
804New Tab: Legal
809Preferences: Network: better organize proxy settings
822add link to TOU in license window
824remove sunken border around repo list control
829Image and repo property dialog tweaks
833Warning Dialog expected when existing Image is loaded in the updatetool
835sync content with 2.1 features and GUI tweaks
836GUI: Handle timeouts to repos better
842remove Apply button from Preferences
845enhanced image details/component overview tabs
852Different sizes used in Components tabs characters
865resync pkg(5) with gate (B18-RC1)
877There should be a column for Repository URL in Image Details Tab
891make copypkgs create updatelog
898Provide a means for the notifier to check for updates at start up
908Install, Update, Remove Confirm: Sort list of package names
916component view could be enhanced on Open Solaris
920add additional shortcut keys for some menu items
934remove horizontal line above Proxy Requires Authentication
936Image Properties: Move Preferred to last column
938Image Details Tab: Represent disabled repos
940Image Details Tab: sort list of repos
948reconcile English string keys with other language files
955The user should be prompted for certificate and key when enabling an entitled repo
957Image Details: Expand vert size of repo list
1018amd64 builds needed

Bug Fixes in This Release

The following table shows the defects fixed in this release as compared to the 2.0 Production Quality release (build B15-RC4). It does not include defects discovered and fixed during the course of 2.1 release development.

Issue IDDescription
10No Error in updatetool if the user selects a manual proxy and does not set the proxy information
185IPC code needs timeout to avoid possible hangs
221already launched updatetool window NOT brought to front if invoked from within notifier
282MAc OS: Progress bar hangs for install/removal GFV3
301TXN not persistent after stop/start of depot server
334ubuntu 8.04 64: pkg/updatetool cannot resolve updates.sfbay
345updatetool coredumps after Illegal Directory Name Error
378support i18n for updatetool.exe
423No confirmarion asked for updatetool to close from command line by using control+c
429Traceback pkgrecv -s repo_url
430pkgsend include path/manifest with pkg retrieved by pkgrecv
441pkg.depotd -d relative_path impossible to retrieve manifest
520pkg-java not available in repository only in specific platform image
535pkg uninstalls package without warning that it is a dependency
539No validation for username and password when we select manual proxy with authentication
568Python modules/source structure needs to be corrected
620Updatetool GUI quits when close the OLH
632All UI message is English on Windows on non-UTF-8 locales
635Proxy authentication not fully supported
636HTTPS Proxies not fully supported
670An unreachable server causes incorrect available components display
671Report exception when install uc on S9
679add authority to Fmri.toString
683License "Accept" dialog runs package names together
692Mac OS: updatetool CLI should display errors on user's console when possible
698repo-*.zip files have out-of-date catalog
701build produces two versions of the UC2 packages for Windows
702GUI/notifier may not find new image bootstrapped with "." in init.cfg:image_list
723executetarget call isn't working in makezip macro
728pkg -R img-dir with trailing \ shows help
729OpenSolaris: pfexec results in root owned .updatetool/ directory
730pkg list after bootstrap shows partial list of installed packages
736Exception when no client certificate installed
737bootstub output is noisy - not user friendly
739getInventory() returns all uninstalled packages from multiple repos, even if identical
741saving proxy info causes system to hang
744Can't install component under multibyte name image/dir
745Change the package name in tools/ant .
746updatetool usage message is garbled
747Notifier is blocked from starting on Vista when user has admin privileges
748Can set proxy information but cannot unset in the Admin Console
749files are getting copied recursively to tools/ant/build/bin directory
750traceback when updated package has new package dependency
755B16: pkg-toolkit-darwin-universal.zip traceback install GUI
759Notifier balloon has bullets in different fonts
762Windows: GUI loses left column size when restored (unminimized)
764pkg(5) Java API doesn't obey incorporate dependency when making install plan
771Regression: Automatic restart after update fails
778Proceed when preferred repo is running
779remove critical components: default button should be "No"
783Error in proxy processing in pkg-client.jar
788defect by autoupdate over notifier
795pkg(1) does not work with https_proxy
839UpdateTool has trouble formatting timestamps in FLE standard time using locale
913On open solaris 2008.11, the updatetool displays all versions of the component in Available Add-ons/Updates views
935GTK: Item list checkbox image clipped on bottom
973Add new repository popup Error window
975Error msg after changing repository name and adding new repository
999list item not highlighted when tabbing from image tree
1030Faced an issue with the bootstrapper on Windows 2008 Server

Known Issues and Workarounds

updatetool 2.0 does not start after installing and using updatetool 2.1 (Issue 1004)

If updatetool 2.1 is installed and run on a system, attempts to start previously installed instances of updatetool 2.0 fail.

This problem arises if the updatetool 2.1 notifier is running when the attempt to start updatetool 2.0 is made.

Workaround: Stop the updatetool 2.1 notifier before attempting to start updatetool 2.0. Follow these steps to stop the notifier:

  1. Launch the updatetool 2.1 GUI.
  2. On the toolbar, click Preferences.
  3. In the Preferences window, click the Updates tab.
  4. On the Updates tab, uncheck Automatically check for updates.
  5. Click OK.
  6. On the File menu, choose Quit to quit the updatetool 2.1 GUI.

Menu accelerator keys and keyboard equivalents for some commands have changed (Issue 915)

To provide better mouseless access to the commands and features of updatetool, some of the menu accelerator keys and keyboard equivalents have been changed as compared to the 2.0 Production Release.

Workaround: None.

"OK" button label not translated in ja locale (Issue 519)

When running updatetool in the ja locale, the "OK" button label is not translated to Japanese in all instances.

Workaround: None.

On Windows Vista, the desktop notifier is blocked from running as a startup program (Issue 721)

When you log in to Windows Vista as a user with Administrator privileges, Vista informs you that it has blocked some startup programs.

Workaround: Do one of the following:

  • When Vista informs you that it has blocked some startup programs, use the notification interface to manually unblock the notifier.
  • Use the Vista Task Scheduler to register the notifier application. See http://www.jimmah.com/vista/Applications/autostart_admin_program.aspx for instructions. When following these instructions, point the Task Scheduler action to launch the registered notifier, whichshould be located at:

    C:\Users\username\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Startup\Update Tool Notifier.exe

On Windows Vista, command line tools require "Run as Administrator" privilege in certain cases (Issue 721)

When running Update Center commands such as pkg and the pkg/updatetool bootstrap, the command shell you run them from must have "Run as Administrator" privilege in these situations:

  • Update Center has been installed under Program Files.
  • You are using the command line tool to manipulate an installation image under Program Files.

Due to the Vista UAC (User Account Control) feature, command shells do not by default have the "Run as Administrator" privilege even if the user you are logged in as has administrative privileges.

Workaround: Start the command shell with "Run as Administrator" privilege. Here are two ways to do so:

  • Right-click the Command Prompt icon and choose "Run as Administrator" from the context menu.
  • In the Start menu, enter cmd in the command box and then press Ctrl+Shift+Enter instead of Enter.

On UNIX systems, shell syntax errors appear when launching updatetool (Issue 582)

If you run the updatetool command from a directory whose path includes a special shell character such as "(", an error message similar to the following appears:

sh: syntax error at line 1: `(' unexpected

Workaround: None. The message is harmless and can be ignored.

On Mac OS X 10.4, the Update Tool application may fail to start (Issue 687)

If you run the updatetool command from the command line you may see an error of the form:

open[7289] LSOpenFromURLSpec() returned -10827 for
application (null) urls

If you double click on the UpdateTool application from the Finder you may see the message:

You cannot open the application "UpdateTool" because it may be damaged or incomplete.

Workaround: To resolve this problem, first try running (or re-running) updatetool from the command line. If that does not work, rebuild the Launch Services database by running this command:

`locate lsregister` -kill -r -domain local -domain system -domain user

On Mac OS X, running sudo updatetool does not grant the Update Tool root privileges (Issue 768)

After using sudo to run Update Tool with elevated privileges, attempts create images in directories controlled by the root user fail, and images created in other directories are owned by the current user.

Workaround: Do not use sudo. Instead, log in as the root user before running updatetool.

On Mac OS X, running updatetool in the terminal window does not start a second instance of the Update Tool (Issue 758)

If Update Tool is already running, entering updatetool in the terminal window does not start a second instance of the Update Tool. Instead, the running Update Tool is brought to the front of the desktop.

Workaround: None.

On Mac OS X, trying to stop the notifier hangs the terminal window (Issue 961)

On Mac OS X, entering the following command to stop the notifier sometimes hangs the terminal window:

# updatetool --notifier --shutdown

Workaround: When this occurs, press Ctrl+C to regain control in the command window. Then, follow these instructions to stop the notifier:

  1. Launch the updatetool GUI.
  2. On the toolbar, click Preferences.
  3. In the Preferences window, click the Updates tab.
  4. On the Updates tab, uncheck Automatically check for updates.
  5. Click OK.
  6. On the File menu, choose Quit to quit the updatetool GUI.

On Solaris 10, running updatetool on the command line produces "CRITICAL" python GTK messages (Issue 709)

When you run updatetool on the command line on Solaris 10, several CRITICAL messages may appear; for example:

** (python:1678): CRITICAL **: file blueprint-draw.c: line 81: assertion `GTK_WIDGET (widget)' failed

Workaround: None. These messages are harmless and can be ignored.

On OpenSolaris 2008.11, text in online help appears to overlap (Issue 933)

In online help, some letters appear to overlap, while others appear to be spread too far apart.

This problem arises because Arial, the default font for updatetool online help, is not available on OpenSolaris 2008.11.

Workaround: Click the "A" button in the online help window and choose a different display font for the online help.

On 64-bit Ubuntu 8.10, running updatetool produces several "Gtk-Message: Failed to load module" errors (Issue 893)

When you enter updatetool in a terminal window, several messages that begin with "Gtk-Message: Failed to load module" appear. However, updatetool launches and functions normally.

Workaround: None. These messages are harmless and can be ignored.

pkg handles unknown locale with poor error message (Issue 983)

Attempts to use pkg when the locale setting is not known by the system produce a confusing error message. Usually, the message includes the phrase "unsupported locale setting"

Workaround: Before using pkg, set the locale to the UTF8 form of the locale; for example

export LANG=en_IN.utf8

Full List of Known Issues

The following table lists all open defects known at delivery of the 2.1 release.

Issue IDDescription
15Was not able select some images on an NFS mounted filesystem using puffin directory browser
79Two packages sharing same directory mode=555 error pb at install/uninstall
92Fix balloon notification on Mac OS
99notifier icon appears in the icon tray on the Java Desktop
108Dependencies are not respected during pre-remove execution scripts
119updatetool gets easily confused by user's PYTHONPATH settings
189pkg verify on the UC2 packages results in errors
217If a big number of images have available updates, the notifier balloon does not allow to display all of them
241UC should detect inability to delete files before removing packages
248updatetool ugly small rectangular for Components
305Performance problems for pkgs with many files
307Traceback in pkgsend when action is not given after add
310Solaris 9 x86: updatetool SEGV crash in libgtk-x11
337Suse 10 sp2: updatetoolconfig --register fails at install in GFv3
341java -jar ucbootstrap.jar does not remove remaining wrappers
352center "Download cancelled" dialog
386Need to refine configurator busy feedback
397Can download packages for the wrong platform - no warning given
400Prerferences location on Windows may need to be moved or renamed.
419Gnome: `GtkPizza' has no property named `row-ending-details'
427pkgrecv with invalid option shows pull.py instead of pkgrecv
428AssertionError pkgrecv -s repo_url
436Update tool crashes when using button to select new image directory
472remove extra image.mkdirs() calls from pkg client
501Windows: Bootstrapper always indicates successful notifier registration
510Unknown field in file /etc/mime.types first time OLH is launched
511UC does not follow OpenSolaris keyboard settings, and does not allow composed characters
516Windows: Contents of the Published column are not aligned
519OK not translated in ja (was Labels and some messages in dialogs are displaying in English)
521select lines in any page got gtkwidget errors
531Japanese translation for "Authority" should be changed
551Upgrade to wxPython
552In Localized Help, the tab lablels and messages are displayed in English
567Japanese OLH contents should be truncated at right edge of frame
579508 Accessibility : tooltips text are missing for the components of toolbar in updatetool
584Can't lauch UC GUI twice on Nevada
585Error once again displayed when accessing the image if the image directory is deleted
5932.0, B14, es, updatetool, About window not localized
5952.0, b14, updatetool, es, "Saving list of images" not localized
5982.0, b14, updatetool, license not localized
608Apply Updates is not bold in the Notifier's Menu
621remove component which have dependency dump core updatetool
622S9 CDE: fallback function on ja locale doesn't work
627When initiated from the notifier the GUI may fail to select available updates
629Notifier will not remove notification window when pinged by GUI
644updatetool use locale fallback function without notice message
645No need to have shortcut key in Japanese menu bar
646Update Tool menu labels and Window menus labels are English
6692.0, MS15, status bar messages not localized
674No localized messges in "Choose Installation Image Directory" dialog
675L10n OLH content need to be updated
689notifier's initial update check may be delayed one check cycle
697File in use message has mixed slashes (\ and /)
709GTK "CRITICAL" errors show up
727image created in CLI can't be opened in GUI
732updatetool fails with invalid init.cfg content
756pkg.depotd doesn't handle invalid cookies
768OS X: GUI launched with sudo does not gain elevated privileges
814history indicates success on failed image-create
821GUI: Switching preferred repository from https to http fails
841Unable to uninstall all components in CLI
847Repo list: Preferred and Enabled controls not centered in column
863Trace back error when no disk space available
875Can install components even if preferences are set to bad proxy values
876Faced a coredump with updatetool
892Status field info missing for some functions in menubar
893updatetool prints module loading failure warnings on Ubuntu 8.10 64bit
901Appropriate error message should be displayed when the port is already in use for depot server
903provide direct way to change authority to not use certificate
906Traceback on image refresh if an installed package is not on the repository
907The Install Button remains enabled during the installation phase
917Unable to select content in Overview tab
921508 Accessibility : Image Properties: tooltips needed for Software Sources
923pkg fix reports hash mismatches on Windows
926Error Message needs to be enhanced if the http_proxy value has bad format
928Update view not displayed when I launch the updatetool from the Notifier
937Can launch multiple instances of updatetool on Linux
939Can't move to notebook tabs once a tab is selected
941Java Exception if http_proxy value has bad format
943Error message does not indicate which repo(s) is/are down.
952make output of tarpkgs include catalog/updatelog
956Need meta-package and incorporation for updatecenter
958Ctrl-C does not always stop pkg.depotd
961On Mac OS X, trying to stop the notifier hangs the terminal window
964B18-RC1 : ProblematicPermissionsIndex Exception
970update info.classification values to new format
971uc2.1 have some unlocalized labels
972updatetool -help show corrupted strings on ja_JP.UTF-8
974traceback in server output when publishing a package without path attribute
980Incremental catalog update not delivered on Windows Vista
983pkg handles unknown locale with poor error message
989Not possible to remove a package after disabling a repositoriy
991Update Tool does not get input focus when restored from taskbar
992pkg bootstrap with su produces undesirable warning messages
994image-update fails for optional dependency
997Warnings displayed at updatetool and pkg uninstallation
998A Hang occured on updatetool Quit
1004UC20 updatetool failed to start if UC21 is installed
1013copypkgs doesn't update catalog attrs file
1014Unable to cleanly log out of Windows when GUI is running
1015Was not able to access feeds from Safari for updates.sfbay/dev/promoted
1020UC does not handle incorporations well
1021B18-RC2 : Removal action is not invoked and updatetool seems busy when trying to remove components from a disabled repo
1022Focus not moved to other image after closing one of the images in the updatetool
1038Sometimes. Checking "Show All Versions" Has no effect
1043Security attributes removed from defaults.cfg
1044Windows: must press arrow key twice when first navigating component list
1048Unable to select another image if an image dir is removed which is present in the imagelist
1053GUI/notifier may lose recent prefs when prefs applied from dialog.
1055Others users can see the password in init.cfg
1056Java 6 file permissing setting is never used
1057Mac: Notifier balloon positions incorrectly if dock is on the left
1058Updates dialog says "0 Updates Available" with Show All Versions
1059Enabling https repo should prompt for certificates
1060All Components tabs are not accessible using key board
1062image tree cannot be expanded using the keyboard

Reporting New Issues

If you find something amiss, please consult the list of open Update Center 2 bugs to see if the problem has already been reported.
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