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Release Notes for Update Center 2.0 Production Quality Release

This document provides release information for the 2.0 Production Quality release of Update Center, which has the build identifier B15-RC4.

Platform Requirements

Supported Platforms

Operating SystemArchitecturePlatform Notes
Windows XP,
Windows Vista,
Windows 2003 Server
x86 (32- and 64-bit)
MacOS X 10.4 and later PPC,
Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4 x86 (32- and 64-bit) On 64-bit x86, first install these 32-bit compatibility rpms:
  • compat-libgcc
  • compat-gcc-32
  • compat-gcc-32-c++
  • compat-glibc
  • compat-libstdc++
Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 x86 (32- and 64-bit) On 64-bit x86, first install these 32-bit compatibility rpms:
  • compat-libstd++
  • compat-libgcc
Ubuntu 7.10 x86 (32- and 64-bit) On 64-bit x86, first install the ia32-libs package from the Ubuntu package repository.
Ubuntu 8.x x86 (32- and 64-bit) On 64-bit x86, first install the ia32-libs and lib32nss-mdns packages from the Ubuntu package repository.
Solaris 10 8/07 (Update 4) and later SPARC,
x86 (32- and 64-bit)
On SPARC, first apply patch 119963-08 or later.

On x86, first apply patch 119964-08 or later.

OpenSolaris 2008.05 and later x86 The 2.0 Production Release of Update Center Toolkit has been tested with OpenSolaris, but you are encouraged to use the pkg(5) tooling that is included as part of the OpenSolaris distributions available on OpenSolaris.com.

Platforms Not Formally or Fully Tested

The following platforms have been tried successfully, but are not formally or fully tested. If you try one of them, please let us know how it goes.

Operating SystemArchitecturePlatform Notes
Windows 2008 Server x86
openSUSE 11.0 32-bit x86 The 32-bit installation seems to work fine. The 64-bit installation is likely to work after 32-bit compatibiliy library are installed.

Initial testing of the updatetool GUI and the desktop notifier has been done on Gnome. The updatetool GUI has also been used on KDE, but the desktop notifier does not work on KDE, as noted in Issue 590.

Solaris 10 11/06 (Update 3) SPARC,
On SPARC, first apply these patches (or greater): 119963-08, 125211-01.

On x86, first apply these patches (or greater): 119964-08, 125212-01.

Solaris 9 8/03 (Update 4) and later SPARC,
On SPARC, first apply these patches (or greater): 112963-32, 111711-16, 111712-16.

On x86, first apply these patches (or greater): 113986-26, 111713-13.

On both SPARC and x86, the updatetool GUI is known to crash due to Issue 310.

Packages in This Release

The following table shows the packages that make up the 2.0 Production Quality release of Update Center.

Package Name Package Version in 2.0 Description
pkg 1.0.7-15.1269 pkg(5) tools
pkg-extra-tools 0.1.0-15.1269 Extra tools for building packages and assembling distributions.
pkg-java 1.0.7-15.1269 Java API for pkg(5) plus bootstraper
python2.4-minimal Minimized python runtime need to support pkg and updatetool. Note that on Mac OS X the version is 2.4.5.
updatetool 2.0.0-15.1269 GUI tools
wxpython2.8-minimal 2.8.8-15.1269 WX Python runtime needed to support updatetool.

Note that all the packages in this release have the same value, 15.1269, for the "branch" portion of their package versions. You can use this branch value to identify an Update Center package as a member of the 2.0 Production Quality release.

Known Issues and Workarounds

On UNIX systems, shell syntax errors appear when launching updatetool (Issue 582)

If you run the updatetool command from a directory whose path includes a special shell character such as "(", an error message similar to the following appears:

sh: syntax error at line 1: `(' unexpected

Workaround: None. The message is harmless and can be ignored.

On Windows Vista, the desktop notifier is blocked from running as a startup program (Issue 721)

When you log in to Windows Vista as a user with Administrator privileges, Vista informs you that it has blocked some startup programs.

Workaround: Do one of the following:

  • When Vista informs you that it has blocked some startup programs, use the notification interface to manually unblock the notifier.
  • Use the Vista Task Scheduler to register the notifier application. See http://www.jimmah.com/vista/Applications/autostart_admin_program.aspx for instructions. When following these instructions, point the Task Scheduler action to launch the registered notifier, whichshould be located at:

    C:\Users\username\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Startup\Update Tool Notifier.exe

On Windows Vista, command line tools require "Run as Administrator" privilege in certain cases (Issue 721)

When running Update Center commands such as pkg and the pkg/updatetool bootstrap, the command shell you run them from must have "Run as Administrator" privilege in these situations:

  • Update Center has been installed under Program Files.
  • You are using the command line tool to manipulate an installation image under Program Files.

Due to the Vista UAC (User Account Control) feature, command shells do not by default have the "Run as Administrator" privilege even if the user you are logged in as has administrative privileges.

Workaround: Start the command shell with "Run as Administrator" privilege. Here are two ways to do so:

  • Right-click the Command Prompt icon and choose "Run as Administrator" from the context menu.
  • In the Start menu, enter cmd in the command box and then press Ctrl+Shift+Enter instead of Enter.
On Mac OS X 10.4, the Update Tool application may fail to start (Issue 687)
If you run the updatetool command from the command line you may see an error of the form:

open[7289] LSOpenFromURLSpec() returned -10827 for
application (null) urls

If you double click on the UpdateTool application from the Finder you may see the message:

You cannot open the application "UpdateTool" because it may be damaged or incomplete.

Workaround: To resolve this problem, first try running (or re-running) updatetool from the command line. If that does not work, rebuild the Launch Services database by running this command:

`locate lsregister` -kill -r -domain local -domain system -domain user

On Solaris 10, running updatetool on the command line produces "CRITICAL" python GTK messages (Issue 709)

When you run updatetool on the command line on Solaris 10, several CRITICAL messages may appear; for example:

** (python:1678): CRITICAL **: file blueprint-draw.c: line 81: assertion `GTK_WIDGET (widget)' failed

Workaround: None. These messages are harmless and can be ignored.

Full List of Known Issues

The following table lists all open defects known at delivery of the 2.0 Production Quality release.

Issue IDDescription
10No Error in updatetool if the user selects a manual proxy and does not set the proxy information
15Was not able select some images on an NFS mounted filesystem using puffin directory browser
79Two packages sharing same directory mode=555 error pb at install/uninstall
99notifier icon appears in the icon tray on the Java Desktop
92Fix balloon notification on Mac OS
108Dependencies are not respected during pre-remove execution scripts
119updatetool gets easily confused by user's PYTHONPATH settings
185IPC code needs timeout to avoid possible hangs
189pkg verify on the UC2 packages results in several errors
217If a big number of images have available updates, the notifier balloon does not allow to display all of them
241The UC should recover to a stable state after package removal failure
248updatetool ugly small rectangular for Components
305Performance problems for pkgs with many files
307Traceback in pkgsend when action is not given after add
310Solaris 9 x86: updatetool SEGV crash in libgtk-x11
337Suse 10 sp2: updatetoolconfig --register fails at install in GFv3
341java -jar ucbootstrap.jar does not remove remaining wrapers
352center "Download cancelled" dialog
378support i18n for updatetool.exe
386Need to refine configurator busy feedback
397Can download image for the wrong platform - no warning given
400Prerferences location on Windows may need to be moved or renamed.
419Gnome: `GtkPizza' has no property named `row-ending-details'
423No confirmarion asked for updatetool to close from command line by using control+c
428AssertionError pkgrecv -s repo_url
427pkgrecv with invalid option shows pull.py instead of pkgrecv
436Update tool crashes when using button to select new image directory
472remove extra image.mkdirs() calls from pkg client
501Windows: Bootstrapper always indicates successful notifier registration
511UC does not follow OpenSolaris keyboard settings, and does not allow composed characters
510Unknown field in file /etc/mime.types first time OLH is launched
516Windows: Contents of the Published column are not aligned
521select lines in any page got gtkwidget errors
519OK not translated in ja (was Labels and some messages in dialogs are displaying in English)
531Japanese translation for "Authority" should be changed
539No validation for username and password when we select manual proxy with authentication
551Upgrade to wxPython
552In Localized Help, the tab lablels and messages are displayed in English
567Japanese OLH contents should be truncated at right edge of frame
579508 Accessibility : Description is missing for all the components in updatetool
584Can't lauch UC GUI twice on Nevada
585Error once again displayed when accessing the image if the image directory is deleted
5952.0, b14, updatetool, es, "Saving list of images" not localized
5932.0, B14, es, updatetool, About window not localized
5982.0, b14, updatetool, license not localized
608Apply Updates is not bold in the Notifier's Menu
621remove component which have dependency dump core updatetool
622S9 CDE: fallback function on ja locale doesn't work
629Notifier will not remove notification window when pinged by GUI
627When initiated from the notifier the GUI may fail to select available updates
636HTTPS Proxies not fully supported
635Proxy authentication not fully supported
632All UI message is English on Windows on non-UTF-8 locales
645No need to have shortcut key in Japanese menu bar
646Update Tool menu labels and Window menus labels are English
644updatetool use locale fallback function without notice message
6692.0, MS15, status bar messages not localized
670An unreachable server causes incorrect available components display
674No localized messges in "Choose Installation Image Directory" dialog
675L10n OLH content need to be updated
689notifier's initial update check may be delayed one check cycle
6872.0, MS15-RC2, updatetool fails to run on Mac
697File in use message has mixed slashes (\ and /)
702GUI/notifier may not find new image bootstrapped with "." in init.cfg:image_list
709GTK "CRITICAL" errors show up
727image created in CLI can't be opened in GUI
732updatetool fails with invalid init.cfg content
737bootstub output is noisy - not user friendly
736Exception when no client certificate installed

Reporting New Issues

If you find something amiss, please consult the list of open Update Center 2 bugs to see if the problem has already been reported.

New Features and Enhancements in this Release

The following table shows the features and enhancements in this release as compared to the 2.0 Preview release (GF V3 TP2).

Issue IDDescription
24multiple dialogs are displayed for the progress bar
34In the progress bar, the components order starts from 0
48Sortable columns
50Ability to Cancel Download Gracefully
51Progress bar improvements
55wxPython: minimize further for mac
57wxPython: add wxversion
59Improve configurator busy feedback
71Reinstate build.xml option to generate platform-specific example zip files
87Adequate default main window, pane and column sizes
88enable modification of image properties (inc. multi-repo support)
90The notifier is not started when registered as a startup task.
91Synchronize preferences between GUI and notifier
98Opt in bootstrap setting is ignored by the notifier
105UI different characters sizes shown in GUI
117Display confirmation dialog prior to removal
118Add instructions for the Notifier integration into the Assembly document
129Enhance wording of unsafe removal dialog
130warn even when external updatetool is used to remove UC components
131uncheck components when user cancels removal
140add pkg(5) to CLI section and change man page links to local references
141include man page content in pkg package
152Capability to present banner ads
162Support configurators that require interaction with the user
169Support API for update detection
176document the minimum OS software group
177Support Solaris 10 with Trusted Extensions enabled
178Calculate product servicability health index score
179Support 508 accessibility
180Support IPv4 and IPv6
183Provide ability for user to establish the time of day of the update check
184notifier startup management
186Need to resolve the Apply vs Show Updates UI between the GUI and the notifier.
187Provide the ability for the notifier to be updated and restarted
194Add check to makepkgs.py to make sure server is up
195clarify 0 and negative values in Change column of updates view
203Components are not automatically unmarked if the license is declined
227Add modification of image properties: repo URI
228Enhanced Mac OS application bundle support
233incorporate image title in IPS proper
235optional UUID per image
239Package wxPython and wxWidgets for OpenSolaris
243use pkg.summary, pkg.description for description, description_long
252Remove attention icon from Install/Update Confirmation
256represent actual version number in multiple locations
262Description tab format and layout enhancements
266Further desktop integration improvements
272ucbootstrap should provide more useful User-Agent
276New Tab: Installed Files
281make user-agent version number come from build
286Expand Java APIs for Admin UIs
287Add authentication support for proxy
292wrapper scripts: determining location of ucbootstrap.jar
295support i18n in Java bootstrap code
300support info.classification property for category display
309Show All Versions: don't show current and older versions for "Available Updates"
326Support windows file in use detection
327set UUID in image based on property settings
328platform neutral repo URLs
330apply info.classification to all toolkit packages
343remove horizontal lines on rows in list views
344remove borders and set "Installed Images" background to white
358resume after download failure or cancellation
359image display enhancements: remove top message
362Change image view tab to "Image Details"
367proto.py violates DRY principle
385Use UPX for Windows .dll compression
401Install /Update Dialog window wider to see Confirmation
407remove test/tutorials from cherrypy distribution
408image title not using image properties
411create pkg-java package for bootstrap.jar and pkg.jar
413modify left panel and alternating row background colors
414cull unused wxWidgets DLLs from Windows package
421inform user of opt-in within bootstrap stub script
431don't auto mark items in updates view when show all versions selected
432cull unused wxWidgets libs from package
452add license fetch capability to pkg-java
454Deliver pkg.jar as a maven2 artifact/OSGi bundle
460add Manifest.getAttribute method to pkg-java
461add access to Version details in pkg-java
462add Manifest.getPackageSize to pkg-java
464Image properties: set repository name column title to "Name"
474deploy the pkg.jar in java.net maven repository
491reset image level UUID by default
495create "latest/" sym link for downloads
496Downloads: change "MS" to "build"
497Downloads: IPS zips should have top level container directory
502Multi-repo: Display logic package in more than one repo
526pre-release version alignment
541zipfile.py module missing in our python-minimal dist
544add multi-repo support to Java API for pkg(5)
557provide linux distro name in user-agent
559Clicking on notifier icon does not launch updatetool
615Unix: Set pkg (cli) proxy environment information
618Modify the build script to generate ips-toolkit.zip
631Enhance the notifier to allow the GUI to trigger an update check.
634Change the ips-toolkit packages to pkg-toolkit
637add ability to set UUID through bootstrap properties file
640Provide an API to read/write proxy information from UC config file
680Need to do a 'force' install
712add Logger argument to Bootstrap.main(properties)
717add application manifest to updatetool.exe
722Need Preferences Information
734too many message logged at INFO level

Bug Fixes in this Release

The following table shows the defects fixed in this release as compared to the 2.0 Preview release (GF V3 TP2). It does not include defects discovered and fixed during the course of 2.0 Production Quality release development.

Issue IDDescription
11M3: pkg/pkg.depotd/pkgsend/python 644 in platform-specific
12Faced an error during python package installation into a new created image
21The marked preferred image is not saved
23text not fully displayed in the progress bar
30removal of gfv2 permission denied for licence file
31glassfishv2 download fails with long file path
36updatetool --help Traceback
37applet notifier Check update Never next call Traceback
39Program title and icons are Python
40The Icon of the Notifier is blurry
41updatetool --image=directory Traceback
44install of non-existent package doesn't fail gracefully
60wxpython-minimal packages does not depend on python
72Debug message "Too many EndStyle calls" in terminal window
73cursor appears in list portion of the view
78depotd server over repo-windows-i386 raise CatalogException
97When the GUI is launch a DOS Window also appears
100Taskbar icon not removed immediately when updates applied
103boostrap updatetool with install.pkg=false
104bootstrap all with an image.path set using "\" in the path-value
114faced an error when launching updatetool
121The progress dialog is not modal on Mac OS X
123in multi-imagecase, launching updatetool throught the Notifier does not display the appropriate context
124Even if the preference is to never check for update, the notifier continues to display available updates
125The notifier should display an Error for users when not able to access the repository
128KeyError on Refresh after full update
134Mac OS X: Eliminate duplicate Quit in taskbar menu
135Ubuntu (8.04 Beta 64-bit and 7.10 64-bits): Python not found
136MAC-OS pre-installed image : pkg can not find python
137updatetool installation fails if staff group does not exist on the linux system
142The fields(text boxes) are not refreshed after creating a New Image
143IPS distribution missing image and css files for pkg.depotd web page
144Traceback Error when trying to create a new image using gfv2 image dir
148Traceback Error if the user tries to open an image using an empty directory
149No Error if the user enters an invalid port number for proxy
156On windows, the Install Time config hook is not able to find the configuration script if not placed under the root of the image
157After uninstallation, a directory related to the removed package was not removed
158IPS man pages missing on Windows
160Release Notes: Document Linux 64 bit support
181exception displayed if the repository is not reachable
188bootstrap doesn't pick most recent version of packages
190Traceback when attemping a pkg search using a remote server
191Create New image with empty directory no error window
196tests-platform-specific-image: repo startup fails on Linux
197Fedora 9 Preview 64-bit: pkg install updatetool fails
199ucbootstrap removes only wrapper script files for its platform
200updatetool hangs when Add-Ons package has bad depedency
201treating trailing blankspaces in property files as valid part of attribute's value
202Dialog of restart not displayed if updatetool is updated
204wxpython2.8-minimal package should ship *.pyc files
208The "Install Size" column is truncated when we select the "List and Remove Installed Components" view
209ERROR faced with updatetoolconfig --list if no registered tasks
210Using command line, the same user is allowed to launch the notifier multiple times
211Network not fully Displayed in the Preferences Window on Windows platform
216Authority name is not set for dependencies packages at install
218If multiple images have updates, launching the Updatetool using the Notifier icon expands the last one
219ubuntu 7.10 (vmware) notifier for update after logout/login
220OS X: update tool can NOT be launched from notifier icon
222MAC-OS'a own QUIT option exercised on notifier applet icon works on 2nd trial
223updated can NOT be applied from notifier's menu if updatetool GUI already launched
224Can't select checkboxes in component view
225Component view not cleared when empty
229Unable to update or remove file in use on Windows (EPERM)
237ucbootstub.bat fails on Vista
238ucbootstub.bat fails to locate Java correctly if C:\bin exists
240Traceback Error during GFV3 packages removal
242Vista: ucbootstub.bat does not correctly find JDK in registry
244OS X: hovering mouse over update applet icon does NOT show anything but "python"
245Unix: can't operate on a user image with spaces in path
246MAC OS: Bootstrapper writes init.cfg to wrong directory
247failure with ucbootstup.sh on Window
249Plurality of message should vary based on number of pkgs
250When the GUI is first launched it refreshes the view multiple times
251MacOS: ucbootstub.sh ping syntax error when entering proxy info
253GUI does not display image when launched from Finder
293Solaris x86: updatetool core dump
298Windows: ucbootstub should be more helpful with proxies
304Package configurator tags should follow IPS standard
312Minimized python needs addition of files for cherrypy
315Failed install can leave license file behind impacting subsequent installs
354The Installed Components view is not refreshed after removal of components
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