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Update Center 2.4 Toolkit Release

Main Features

Notes on the planned features list:
  • P1 mean must have, release stopper feature.
  • P2 means we really want to have the feature, but we won't hold up the release if issues get in the way.
  • P3 means nice to have, stretch goal for development. However, P3s need to be identified by ? such that QA can sufficiently plan for the release.

Important note : Functional Specs for each new Feature in UC2.4 should be published (in worst case) 2 weeks before the Feature is delivered. This is important to allow QA planning the test cases for those Features.

Updating to 2010.03 pkg(5)
Porting issues 1857Completed
Python 2.6 1851: Since OpenSolaris 2010.03 pkg(5) will use Python 2.6, we will be upgrading to 2.6Completed
Java API 1858: The pkg-java API will no longer operate correctly with the new meta-data format for images. Plan is to rewrite the Java code we have rather than using Jython due to concerns about the size of the Jython solution (Tom)In-progress
CompatibilityDealing with images that have different embedded pkg(5) versions (Kasso/Manpreet)

Notifier: 1932: The IPS meta data format is changing for OpenSolaris 2010.02. The new pkg(5) software will automatically upgrade old images to the new format. But this will cause previous versions of the pkg(5) software to not recognize an upgraded image as an image. Thus, if the new notifier one one image checks to see if another image has updates, the image format will be upgraded, and then an older copy of the toolkit embedded in the upgraded image will no longer be able to operate on that image.

Update Tool GUI:
* 2059 Ordered list of publishers
* 2060 Sticky/non-sticky publishers
* Publiser disabling/deletion in concert with stickiness
* 1980 Publisher name determined by publisher rather than image
* 2002 add support for obsolete packages
Notifier: Completed
Update Tool GUI: Not yet started
Life Cycle Management
Install- and Update-time Config Support 205, Functional Spec: Implement the light-weight service management framework to enable user images to have actuators for configuration (Joe and Tom)In-progress
Image reboot MechanismImplement the ability to upgrade images that are running via an image reboot mechanism. I.e., download upgrades, but then install the upgrade during a reboot of the application. (issue 700)In-progress
Native 64-bit Binaries 537: Include 64-bit toolkit and dependencies binaries such that users don't have to install 32-bit compatibility libraries on Linux systems. (Joe)In progress
Specify and Detect Presence of External Dependencies 485 This is being handled as part of the Install- and Udate-time Config support. (Tom)In progress
508 ComplianceNeed to provide link to 508 exception list from previous releases and links to 508 issues that are to be resolved for this release.In Progress
Improve updatetool performance/interactivity with large repositories 329 (Manpreet)Might be deferred based on evaluation of other features
View History and Update Tool Log from GUI 1079, 1364 (Joe)Completed
Reduce Notifier Footprint 1495 (Kasso)Completed
Enhance Repository Web Interface 1000 (Rajkumar)In Progress
Windows 7Ensure toolkit works properly when installed and used from Program Files (as is the default location for NetBeans + GlassFish bundles), root directory (default location in the Eclipse + GlassFish bundle) and in user home directories.

e.g. Ensure inline elevation of privileges works properly on Windows 7 (1583, 1650) and Vista (1923)
Engineering needs to test and QA needs to cover in test plans.
Address Mixed Ownership Issues on Unix and LinuxDetermine whether improvements are feasible for the mixed ownership scenarios on Unix and Linux systems: mixed ownership and management issues.

* At a minimum, ensure our support story is documented in both release notes and in our bundle assembler documentation and checklists. (1926)
* Evaluate and consider implementing notification of elevated privileges being required (1925)
* Evaluate Notifier behavior on Unix (1924)
In Progress
Extra Credit / Stretch Features
Initial Installer-wrapped Toolkit BundlesBegin demonstrating best practices for wrapping download bundles that include pkg(5) user images with initial install applications. By default, we're addressing 1931, a Mac OS X native installer-wrapped bundle for this release. We might also have time to deliver a series of IzPack-wrapped bundles for other platforms.Started
Prototype Streamlined User Experience for Entitled Access1927: Enhance Update Tool GUI to accept SOA ID and password to obtain cert from experimental web serviceDeferred

Upcoming Release Timing

2.3Oct 2009Supporting GlassFish v3 product quality release in September
2.4Apr 2010Currently driven by preliminary plan for next named release of OpenSolaris and therefore next iteration of pkg(5) and the MySQL project to deliver a public release via pkg(5)

Other Features and RFEs

These queries can be used to see the list of features plan or integrated into this release. Note: these RFE lists include the features that are listed in the Main Features section above.


These queries provide a summary of the defects addressed or being address for 2.4.


Test Plan
Test Design
Automation Planning



This is a DRAFT schedule and has not been approved. More study is needed by various parties to know whether this makes sense.

BuildBuild DateQA HandoffSVN Rev
(Hudson #)
Description Reports
39 Oct 12, 2009 M Oct 14 2495 (821) Open bug fix, enhancements
40 Oct 26, 2009 M Oct 28 2508 (830) Open bug fix, enhancements test report
41 Nov 9, 2009 M Nov 11 2533 (845) Open bug fix, enhancements test report
Nov 16, 2009 OpenSolaris Build 128 - IPS feature complete
Nov 23, 2009 2.4 Phase 2 Completion Review at WAP PAC GO
42 Nov 23, 2009 M Nov 25 2568 (862) Open bug fix, enhancements.test report
43 Dec 7, 2009 M Dec 9 2581 (868) Open bug fix, enhancements.
44 Dec 21, 2009 M Dec 23 2634 (890) Open bug fix, enhancements, first new IPS drop.test report
45 Jan 11, 2010 M Jan 13 2700 (921) Open bug fix. G11n handoff (messages need to be complete)Delivered on Jan 20.
46 Feb 1, 2010 M Feb 3 Open bug fix. G11n integration
47 Feb 15, 2010 M Feb 17 Open bug fix. Feature complete.
48 Mar 1, 2010 M Mar 3 Open bug fix.
49 Mar 8, 2010 MMar 10 Open bug fix.
50 Mar 22, 2010 MMar 24 2.4 RR: Stopper only
51 Apr 5, 2010 MApr 7 2.4 RR: Stopper only
-- Apr 21, 2010 W -- Supported Toolkit Available for RR Product Integration



UC 2 Team Vacation (internal link)

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