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Update Center 2.3 Toolkit Release


Release Theme: Quality

Enhanced quality in the form of a significant reduction of outstanding bugsis the primary theme of this release.

Since there is relatively little development time available for this release, we expect to address only a modest number of features in this release.

As a goal, the team is keen to reduce the current outstanding bug count by half for this release. Out of roughly 160 defects, 60 are P1-P3. Addressing these issues and scrubbing the remaining defects while selecting certain P4 and P5 issues to either fix or mark as "won't ever fix" should enable us to meet this bug reduction goal.

Beyond the Binary Toolkit Release

Beyond delivery of this toolkit binary release, resourcing will also be applied to:

Upcoming Release Timing

2.2u1July 2009Supporting GlassFish v3 Preview and Web Stack 1.5
2.3Oct 2009Supporting GlassFish v3 product quality release in November
2.4Feb 2010Currently driven by preliminary plan for next named release of OpenSolaris and therefore next iteration of pkg(5). Also provides sufficient buffer after the October 2.3 release.

2.3 Feature Review and Prioritization

Planned 2.3 Enhancements

Notes on the planned features list:

  • The planned feature list will undergo modest changes as P3s are added in the next week leading up to a solid list by i-team on June 18.
  • P1 mean must have, release stopper feature.
  • P2 means we really want to have the feature, but we won't hold up the release if issues get in the way.
  • P3 means nice to have, stretch goal for development. However, P3s need to be identified by June 18 such that QA can sufficiently plan for the release.

An earlier list of features that were under consideration: 2.3 Enhancements Under Consideration

2.3 Testing

Test Plan
Test Design
Automation Planning
508 Assessment (Internal Link, limited access)

The list of issues that resulted in requesting an exception are :

1462     Cannot follow advertisement links in SW Update via mouseless
1463     Tab fails to enter the component details window
1473     Cannot activate links in the description area using Keyboard
1467     Several controls do not indicate focus during mouseless navigation
1408     Can not tab through description area (Mac OS X only)
1463     Cannot scroll up/down in Overview tab (Mac OS X only)
1659     Tab fails to enter directory selection window (Solaris only)
1446     SW Update may not allow Add-ons to be selected (Windows XP only)
  • 1446 has already been fixed in 2.3 U1

None of these issue affect critical features and most of them have workarounds.


BuildBuild DateQA HandoffSVN Rev (Hudson #)Description Reports
31 06/15/09 M 06/17 2172 (636) Open bug fix, minor enhancementsTest Report
32 07/06/09 M 07/08 2220 (662) Open bug fix, minor enhancementsTest Report
33 07/20/09 M 07/22 2270 (697) Open bug fix. Test Report
34 08/03/09 M 08/05 2291 (711)Open bug fix. G10n handoff (messages need to be complete).Test Report
35 08/17/09 M 08/19 2351 (740)Open bug fix. IPS drop.Completed 8/21
Test Report
36 08/31/09 M 09/02 2403 (762)Open bug fix.Completed 9/1
Test Report
-- 09/02/09 M GFv3 Soft Code Freeze
-- 09/11/09 F B36 integrated into GFv3 B63Completed 9/11
37 09/14/09 M 09/16 2435 (781)2.3 RR: Stopper onlyCompleted 9/15
Test Report
38 09/28/09 M 09/30 2471 (809),
respin 2493 (7 from 2.3 sustaining)
2.3 RR: Stopper only Completed 9/30, Respin 10/8, test report, release notes
-- 10/12/09 M GFv3 Hard Code Freeze
-- 10/14/09 W -- Supported Toolkit Available for RR Product Integration
-- 11/24/09 T GFv3 RR


GlassFish v3 Schedule


UC 2 Team Vacation (internal link)

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