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Social Software for GlassFish Screencasts

There are currently three screencasts available for working with Social Software for GlassFish. These screencasts provide video instructions for the topics listed below.

NoteIf you have difficulty playing any of these Flash videos directly over your Internet connection, please download the associated ZIP file and play it locally on your machine.

Creating a User AccountView Flash(info)Download ZIP(info)3.5 MB3:05 min.
  • Quick Tour of the Social Software Main Page
  • Create a New User Account
  • Log In to the Social Software Site
  • Display the Blog Front Page
Creating a Blog and Blog EntryView Flash(info)Download ZIP(info)9.6 MB5:48 min.
  • Review Basic Blog Concepts
  • Create a New Blog
  • Quick Tour of the Main Blog Menu
  • Create a New Blog Entry
  • Display the New Blog Page
Managing Blog Comments and EntriesView Flash(info)Download ZIP(info)22.8 MB8:36 min.
  • Create a Blog Comment
  • Edit a Blog Entry
  • Save a Blog Entry as Draft
  • Delete a Blog Comment
  • Delete a Blog Entry

More screencasts are planned, so check back often!

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