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Read the RFE 1000 to get a sense of the main problems associated with the standard UI.

Also take a look at some examples.


All we're trying to do in this first stage is make the basic UI more usable and presentable out of the box. Much more fancy features can wait until later. The hope is that we could realize a first set of enhancements on the layered-collection/dev/ and our internal repos within a month or so. This first set of enhancements would also be applied to the other upcoming repos such as WebSynergy.

Proposed Initial Enhancements

Main Page

Represent two main areas on main page:
  1. Search area in upper portion of page and
  2. Browse Packages area in bottom portion.

On main page and perhaps in the standard header, represent repository art (icon) when it's present. Use default icon when custom icon is not defined. See Content Art feature.

Search Area

  • Search form takes up minimal space while listing of content takes up most of the rest of the page.
  • Dispense with the inline hints or move them to a help pop up. They take up too much space right now.

Browse Packages Area

  • Provide a "View" selector at the top of this area to enable the user to choose between views of packages.
  • Initially, two views will be supported:
    1. "Alphanumeric Index" - similar to RHN example where 20 or so A/a packages are listed first, with a set of A-Z, 0-9 links above first set of packages and page forward and backward icons below the list.
    2. "Category Listing" - similar to Ubuntu example. Clicking on a category provides a flat list of packages in alphanumeric order.
  • Implement it such that any of the views could be set to be the default view within our implementation. Initially, we're not supporting persistent user preferences.

Search Results Page

  • Continue with the existing UI, but provide a link to the new "Package Information" web page when user clicks on the associated package.

Alphanumeric Index View

  • Order based on package name (we may choose to change this to package summary, but we have to pick one for now)
  • Only the latest version of each package will be displayed by default.
  • In package list, display the following fields in this order:
    • "Package" - package name
    • "Version" - package version in same form as displayed in the Update Tool GUI.
    • "Publish Date" - use "month, day, year" where month is a 3 character abbreviated name of the month.
    • "Summary" - package summary
    • "Category" - category (if available). If not available, use "Other"
  • Clicking on a particular package will display a "Package Information" page.

Category Listing View

Category Table

  • Use a simple table without grid lines to provide 2 columns of category titles plus their descriptions.
    • Derive the categories from the classification settings found within the packages.
    • Use a synthetic "Other" or "Miscellaneous" category to represent all packages for which
    • Allow for description to be maintained for each classification value. Consider using a custom mapping file to do this initially. Longer term, consider filing an RFE for pkg(5) to support classification descriptions.

Package List Within a Category

  • Clicking a category will bring up a package listing page for that category. Initially, it's OK to make this a flat list of all packages within the category.
  • Package listing columns should be the same as for the Alphanumeric Index view, but without the Category column.

Package Information Page

  • Display package level art (icon) when present. Use default when not. See Content Art feature.
  • Mimic tabs found in the Update Tool GUI in order to display content of the a package's manifest. e.g.:
    • "Overview"
    • "Files"
    • "Dependencies"
    • "Licenses"
  • See the other examples for inspiration.
  • If the GUI tabs don't sufficiently cover what's available in the catalog entry and manifest for a package, consider at least temporarily supporting a subtle "Complete Manifest" link to display the raw manifest.
  • Provide a list of older versions of the package with a link on each version that when clicked would show the same Package Information structure for that version (perhaps the link part is a P2 feature initially). Consider placing this info in the "Overview" tab.

Other Considerations

  • No localizations other than English for now.
  • Consider "Show All Versions" radio button in package listing views to enable listing of all versions.
  • Column-based sorts of package listing views can be added later.
  • Feature View support would be added later on as we address the underlying metadata gaps in UC 2.2.
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